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Barbed Wire

Barbed Wire Manufacturers in Ajmer

Barbed Wire

Provide All-Around Protection To Your Property With The Best Quality Barbed Wires From Capital Wire

Barbed Wire Manufacturers in Ajmer, Barbed Wire Suppliers in Ajmer, Barbed Wire at Best Price in Ajmer, Barbed Wire Installation Services in Ajmer. Capital Wires manufacture barbed wire by using galvanized mild steel that makes it highly durable and strong. Barbed wire is also known as barbed wire, bobbed wire, bob wire, and many other names. It is one of the highly common and traditional ways of fencing properties all over the world.

Barbed wire comes with sharp edges or points at intervals along the strands. It is very cost-effective and can be used for securing properties of any type. A person or animal passing through the barbed wire gets minor to severe injuries on their body parts. It is very simple to set up and erect for fencing purposes. Two-line wires get twisted together to create a barb for you.

Why should you choose us for Barbed wire requirements ?
(1). Our skilled professionals ensure that every barb is located in a better way so that passing through it becomes more and more difficult. All the barbs are located in the right place.

(2). Before the final delivery to the clients, we ensure that every barb is not less than 13mm. Furthermore, every barb comes below the size of 18mm.

(3). We have availability of multiple sizes in the range of barbed wires. The most commonly used barbed wires are 2.5 mm x 2.5 mm, 2.5 mm x 2 mm, 2 mm x 2 mm.

(4). The capital wire is a leading barbed wire manufacturer in Ajmer. We are a preferred barbed supplier to owners of agricultural lands, residential apartments, commercial places, and more. We also provide the barbed wires to government organizations like the armed forces, CPWD, NTPC, Indian Oil, ONGC, and more.

(5). Based on your preference and requirement, you can order any type of barbed wire from us. We manufacture three types of wire that are provided below.
Barbed wire- Polymer
Barbed wire- PVC coated
Barbed wire- GI
GI barbed wire is the most common among all. When we talk about quality, PVC-coated barbed wire is the best option.

(6). Installing our barbed wire in any way is easy. It is easy to install on concrete, stone, or any mild steel fence posts.

(7). Finding it difficult in installation? Let this process be handled by our skilled professionals. We provide installation service optionally.

(8). Based on your requirement, we use a diagonal, horizontal and vertical + horizontal union jack pattern for barbed wires. We come equipped with a barbed-wire installation machine that works efficiently in any type of property.

Features of our barbed wires
The high-quality barbed wires provide durability, strength, and great protection from any type of encroachment.
Great for extensive use in any types of properties where you require to stop the human or animal intrusion.
Guaranteed lowest prices as compared to the other barbed wire manufacturer
The optimal value for money for long years
Wide distributor and service design network all over the word
100 % customer satisfaction post-sales
End-to-end barbed wire fencing solutions including consultation, installation, maintenance, etc.
High zinc coating on exterior part for making barbed wire rust-resistant.
Sharp barbs located at a close location
Barbs are sharp, giving you better protection from all types of intrusion.

Get the best quality barbed wire at the lowest price only at Capital wire. For a long time, we have been in the barbed wire manufacturing segment and understand the customer's needs and preferences in a better way.
Get in touch with our team to know more about the barbed wire. In case you place an order in bulk, we provide additional discounts with added services to you.