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Chainlink Fencing

Durable, Strong, and Affordable Chain Link Fencing at Capital Wire limited

Chainlink Fencing Manufacturers in Chennai, Chainlink Fencing Suppliers in Chennai, Chainlink Fencing at Best Price in Chennai, Chainlink Fencing Installation Services in Chennai The capital wire is a leading chain link manufacturer, that offers the best quality at the lowest price. When it comes to creating boundaries, a chain link fence is always a preferred choice for many.

Chain link is easy and offers hassle-free installation. If you are looking for the best quality chain link fences for your property, Capital Wire limited could be your preferred choice. We are a chain-link manufacturer, supplier, and exporter located in Delhi NCR.

Why should you choose us for chain link fencing ?
(1). We promise to offer best-in-class products at the lowerest price in the market.

(2). We are an end-to-end chain link fencing company. It means you need not look anywhere else once you contact us. We provide consultation service as well as installation at extra cost.

(3). Every product is quality checked for strength, before packaging to the clients.

(4). Capital wire is India’s oldest company in the segment of chain link fence, So we have a brand value associated with that. When you use our products, you receive appreciation from people of all types.

(5). We have our manufacturing units located in the Delhi NCR. Unlike some other chain link sellers, we only sell our products mostly. All our products are made in our factory under the supervision of experts.

(6). We source raw materials directly from the original manufacturers and use them at our factories with advanced tools. The end product is known for its durability, anti-resistant property, and strength.

(7). What if, you ordered a 1000m chain link fence and you only get a 900m chain link? Will you not feel cheated? However, when you do business with a reputed company like Capital Wire, you remain assure about 100 % dimensional accuracy. Under any circumstance, you will not get the wrong product.

(8). We offer three types of chain link wires, that is Galvanized Chain Link, Stainless Steel Chain Link, and Galfan Coated Chainlink. Chain link fencing is an ideal way to protect homes, public properties, educational institutions, factories, playgrounds, gardens, commercial places, warehousing, amusement parks, and any other place of your choice.

(9). For those customers looking for Tata Chain Link Fencing, We proudly say that we are one of the authorized wholesalers of Tata chain link.

(10). The diameter of the wire, length of mesh, the height of the mesh, and thickness of zinc coating on the chain link fence product are as per IS-2721. Further, we ensure tensile strength and chemical composition of the material also as per the standardization. IS-2721 creates trust in your chain link fence and it is always advisable to ask the manufacturers for compliance with that norms

Features of Chain Link fences
All our chain link fence is compliant to IS-2721 that is a standard for the dimension, physical and chemical features of chain link fence.

We offer the lowest price of chain link fences in Chennai. The price of our chain link fence per foot starts with Rs. 15 whereas if you choose to buy in Kg, it will be Rs. 60 per kg.

We make chain link fences made with hot-dipped methods. The coating thickness is high and that works as an additional layer of strength for the fence. The protective layers act as a protection shield from natural things like sunlight, rain, moisture, strong wind, and more.

Every chain link fens last very long as compared to the normal fence available in the market.

The product is tried and tested for corrosion.

Our long-range of products are highly customizable based on your requirements. We are the supplier for chain link fences to many government organizations for fencing near the border area, riverbanks, government offices, sports grounds, and power plants, and more.

Choose any methods of your choice to get in touch with our team to know the best price for this product. We remain available 24 x 7 for helping you with any queries, you might have.