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Concertina Wire

Concertina Wire Manufacturers in Leh

Concertina Wire

Concertina Wire

Concertina Wire Manufacturers in Leh, Concertina Wire Suppliers in Leh, Concertina Wire at Best Price in Leh, Concertina Wire Installation Services in Leh. Concertina wire is a revolutionary concept in the field of Security fencing which successfully replaces the conventional barbed wire, making it obsolete owing to its mutiple advantages over the latter. Concertina wire is easy to install and its ability to follow contours without the need for straining makes it ideal for fence at wall tops & ground installations.

Taking into account the security needs today, Concertina wire is cheap and cost effective perimeter defence system.
Our high tech Concertina wires with latest technology and corrosion free feature has emerged as the most cost effective alternative for securing any premises from intrusion. Capital Wire Industries is a leading Concertina wire manufacturers.

Features of our Hi-tech Concertina Wires:
Most effective, modern & economical way of fencing to protect the premises against intrusion.
Its easy to set up procedure and easy transportation has also made it one of the best choices for fencing application.
High tensile spring steel wire is used, which not be cut with standard tools.
Fabricated using hot dip galvanized material.
Our Hi-tech concertina coils are available in various sizes, from 450 MM to 1050MM diameter, to meet the customer requirement.
Provides much better security fence as compared to ordinary barbed wire.
Longer life because of anti-corrosive & anti-abrasive nature.
Architecturally elegant & attractive design that blends with natural beauty.